Yucca – home care

Houseplant with the name Yucca (Yucca) is very popular with flower growers. This evergreen beautiful flower looks noble both in a city apartment and in a solid office, it is not a shame to present it as a gift. An adult plant evokes enthusiastic looks and a desire to have such a flower at home. … Read more

Yucca – reproduction, diseases and pests

As they grow older, when the trunk of Yucca becomes bare, it becomes like a tree – a room Palm tree. At the same time, its decorative effect is lost, it is more and more difficult to care for it. The question arises: how to return the flower to its usual acceptable size and former … Read more

Sheffler – home care

Schefflera is a beautiful ornamental houseplant that often adorns offices, shops and apartments. Sheflera is distinguished by unusual leaves and unpretentious care at home. Among plant species there are variegated varieties, with different shapes and colors of leaves. Description Shefflera (or Schefflera) grows in many countries with a tropical climate. In nature, it grows in … Read more

Formation of the appearance of ficus Benjamin

Ficus Benjamin is a houseplant that is most often used to decorate the interior, giving it a spectacular look. Even a single plant with its dense bright green crown refreshes the air of the room and caresses the eyes of others with its beauty. And if your ficus also has an unusual crown or a … Read more

Fittonia: home care

The houseplant Fittonia has a difficult character, and if you think that you will plant it in a beautiful pot and it will grow by itself, without any participation on your part, then you are mistaken. You will have to study the nature and preferences of this tropical beauty, and create conditions at home that … Read more

Fatshedera home care

Fatshedera is the name of a liana obtained by crossing two plants: ivy and Japanese fatsia. This species is named after the Lise brothers, who bred it in 1912 in France. Later, the plant was named Fatshedera Lize (Lice) and was assigned to the Araliev family. Flower growers immediately appreciated the decorativeness, bright greenery and … Read more

Fatsia Japanese (Aralia) – what you need to know about a guest from the east

In this article, we want to introduce you to the wonderful houseplant Fatsia, which is popularly called Japanese or Home Chestnut. The plant is beautiful, spectacular, resistant, does not have a pronounced rest mode. Interior designers love this flower very much, as Fatsia is appropriate in any style and design: its appearance enlivens any space, … Read more

Care for chlorophytum at home

Where did he come from, this unusual indoor flower? Twenty years ago it was impossible to imagine a room where chlorophytum was not grown. In apartments, he grew up in almost every room and in the kitchen, in schools, pots with him stood or hung on the walls of classrooms and corridors, in clinics, sanatoriums … Read more

Philodendron care at home

Philodendrons are great houseplants that can brighten up any corner of your home. There are so many different types that you are sure to pick up to your liking. We wrote about the types and varieties of plants in this article, and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. And here we will tell … Read more